Karolina Baines Jewellery Designer



I view jewellery as sculptures that move with us. Reflecting this I look to instill a sense of movement into my work through strategically placed lines, suggesting rhythm and change of direction. In finding inspiration for my pieces I tend to focus on often unnoticed details in our environment, and discover the beauty present in that which is overlooked, such as the interplay between urban and organic in the allotments. It is not just the visual that appeals to me, but the feeling and texture of the world around me. Engaging textures are essential to my work, in recognition that touch is in many ways a more primal sense than sight. I seek to create a holistic sensory experience through my work drawing upon both visual and tactile. Textures can interact with our tactile imagination to both comfort and power the wearer of pieces as they interact with them throughout the day.

I tend to bring together a multiplicity of influences, for example clothing pleats and Venetian architecture with basketry, in interesting yet simple ways. As a jewellery maker, my work is strongly rooted in the sketchbook process, especially in the use of collaging and printmaking, with a strong emphasis on line work and markmaking and a passion for deep and vibrant colours. A preference for enamels and etching are characteristic of my work.
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