Sesja modowa dla Doris&Adil

Fashion Photoshoot with Dorota Alimowska


Dorota Alimowska was born and raised in Poland, than she moved to Canada where she graduated from the Academy of Design & Technology as a Fashion Designer. Fashion, Music & Art has always been her passion.

Alimowska was involved in various music projects in Poland, Canada, US, and Brazil. She was a part of a Theatrical group in Poland performing and singing songs based on pieces by Polish poets. During her 7 year stay in Toronto she connected with the art community through fashion as well as singing and playing guitar with the local bands performing in both Canada and United States.

Dorota moved to Edinburgh in 2009 where she began to collaborate with designers and musicians. Since, she has been part of several bands, the choir at the Rock Street Academy and is currently a student of music at Edinburgh College. She was involved with several bands in Edinburgh including Avuda, and Earls of Grey. She provides strong backing vocals along with songwriting and acoustic guitar playing.

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