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Pregancy Photoshoot at your home

Edinburgh, Gorgie

How it is to be pregnat? How do you feel espacially in the last timester? Anxius by overvelming waiting?

Few words from young mum:
This is my first preganacy, I feel a little bit worried but my husbant is very suposrtive and I`m sure eberything will be alright.
My attitue in photographic young mum and dad was not to be invasive. I tried to catch those little glimpses in theris eyes, glimse of happines.
When I first time seen those pictures I was very suprised. My belly feels so big, and in fact on a photos it looks just all right.
Where do you take maternity portraits?
Where to take your maternity portraits is all up to you. Usually this kind of photos are taken at my Edinburgh, Leith Based studio, but it can be done at your home as well. The main idea is to decide for a place that is most comfortable for you: it can be park, beach, forrest or a garden.
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